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The seven villas we began restoring in 2020 offer breathtaking views of the Kayaköy ruins, where you can feel the thousands of years of Kayaköy history at every corner. These villas have been meticulously restored, staying true to their original form. Designed with different features, the villas are inspired by the most beautiful flowers and goddesses of Greek mythology. Located in Kayaköy, an ancient Greek village built on one of the important settlements of the Lycian civilization known as Karmylassos in ancient times, it offers boutique hotel services.

After five years of permits and three years of restoration, they now offer a unique experience composed of twelve stone ruins that have silently hosted many memories over the past centuries.

The seven separate villas come with different room options: 3+1, 2+1, and 1+1.

  • Luxurious and comfortable living spaces

  • High-quality, modern interior and exterior design

  • Private pool for each villa

  • Living area intertwined with nature